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At VR Headsets for, we strive to bring you information about VR headsets for PC & for Smartphones and information about the best VR Games, VR Apps, VR PCs and VR experiences. We are your best online source if you want buy a Virtual Reality Headset. Virtual Reality is an immersive experience in which your head movements are tracked in a 3 Dimension World and it is suited for games, movies and even more. Through our website, you will discover Virtual Reality, amazing and innovative experiences and you will see the best Virtual Reality Headsets to buy online at the best price. 

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VR Headsets helps gamers, consumers, professionals, families, etc to redefine the entertainment quotient while you are gaming, watching any movie or if you want to experience a unique virtual reality experience. Along with it, we bring you latest news and updates about the trendiest virtual reality games, vr headsets for phones, applications and accessories to keep you informed about this technology and to help you to stay ahead in the game. Enjoy the three dimensional world with the best Virtual Reality Headsets at the best price! VR will change how we play and how we see the World. Visit the products page if you want to buy the most popular headsets from the best manufacturers.

Virtual Reality Experience with Headset for PCBest Virtual Reality Headset for PC

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What is a Virtual Reality Heaset ? 

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about Virtual Reality and VR headsets.

What is a Virtual Reality Headset for PC ?
Any device worn on the head that allows a gamer or a user to experience a virtual reality as opposed to their actual reality. Virtual Reality is mostly known as an at-home gaming peripheral that brings a total Magic experience. The technology mostly attracts gamers but we are only at the beginning of the Virtual reality experience. Other usage will probably be coming in the next few years (ex: Museum, School, Cinema, etc).

What are the Most popular VR headset available ?
Oculus, Sony, HTC, Samsung and Google are currently the leading companies and manufacturers of VR headsets for PC but there also other players in the market.
To find a list of the most popular VR headsets available online click here.

What is required to experience Virtual Reality  ?
It requires 3 things: 
- A PC
- A Console  (or smartphone) to run the Game (or the application)
- A VR headset which secures a display in front of your eyes

How does  a Virtual Reality Headset works ?

Virtual Reality is a thrilling and entertaining experience for gamers and for other users. You can expect a total immersion and making the virtual reality experience so real that you may forget the computer, headgear and accessories.  It is similar as in the real world because the goal of a Virtual Reality Headset is to create what appears to be a 3D virtual environment without the boundaries we usually associate with TV or computer screens. Therefore, whichever way the user look the screen that is mounted to your face will follow you.

Is it possible to try Virtual Reality with a small budget ? 

Yes. You can experience Virtual Reality using a mobile device or smartphone with the Google Cardboard Headset. You can also download few VR applications that will work with your cardboard VR Headset. Click here to get more information about this low cost VR headset.  

The Best Selling Virtual Reality Headset is the Google Cardboard! 

*Price: $9.99

*Click here to see an image that will show you how to assemble the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset. It's very easy and simple!


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What does the gaming industry thinks about virtual reality ? 

The spectre hanging over the whole industry right now is that more Virtual Headsets for PC are getting into the market but not all of them are offering a truly magic experience.  There’s certainly a lot of energy, industry-wide, going into the VR headsets and it is also bringing an interesting market for VR Games, accessories, and apps. The main manufacturers seem to be focused on the gamers clientele but this will evolve with time and innovation will continue to progress. Something is sure is that VR industry is going to continue to progress by being entertaining and will continue to create experiences that are fun. I’ve tried a lot of the different experiences - some were fun, some less so. What is interesting for smaller companies in this field is that they can work on smaller  vr projects (1-5 million dollars) that gives them the opportunity to test different ideas.

What is the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality ?

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets immerse users in an artificial world and Augmented Reality (AR) incorporates objects and environments from the real world.
Augmented reality is overlaying graphics onto your view of the real world.

Is it possible to experience Virtual Reality on a iPhone or on any other smartphone ?
Yes. To buy a premium vr headset is not the only way to experience the magic of Virtual Reality because VR for Mobile is also available and for a much lower cost than the high tech virtual reality headsets for PC. The VR for mobile is utilising your smartphone display and internals and Google Cardboard is currently the best example of this. In short, Google provides users with a basic headset made from cardboard that holds your smartphone. You can visit the Apps page on our website to learn more about the best VR applications to experience Virtual Reality at a low cost. Using a smartphone won’t provide the same level of Virtual reality as an user can experience with a VR headset with a PC but it is still an amazing experience to discover.  Visit the VR headset page for Phones to view the best Mobile Virtual Reality Headsets that are available at an affordable price.  

What are the compatible smartphones and devices for a VR Headset ?

Below is a list of compatible devices for the most popular VR headsets but not limited to:

  • Apple (iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus)
  • Samsung (Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge plus, S5, S4, S3, Note5, Note4, Note edge, Note3, Note2)
  • Motorola (Nexus 5)
  • LG (G4, G3, G2)
  • HTC (HTC D820t)
  • Sony (Xperia Z3, Xperia Z2)
  • Xiaomi (Mi4, Mi note, Red Mi2, Red Mi-note)
  • One plus (One)
  • Huawei (Honor 6 plus, Y625)
  • HTC (HTC D820t)

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What specifications does a PC need for virtual reality ?

A PC will need to have the specifications below (or better) to drive the best Virtual Reality Headsets for PC and to produce a great experience for users and gamers.

  • AMD Radeon R9 290 graphic card (or equivalent)
  • HDMI 1.3 output
  • 2x USB 3.0
  • Intel Core i5-4590 (or equivalent)
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Windows 7 SP1 or later version

Fortunately, buyers will be able to look for the VR label when they buy a laptop, PC or graphic cards and to be reassured that the product they are buying will be able to cope with the demands of VR gaming. Virtual Reality games require seven times the graphics power of normal 3D games. Click here to get more information about PC and Laptops that are recommended for Virtual Reality gamers.

What is the History of Virtual Reality ?

Virtual Reality is also known as immersive multimedia or computer simulated reality. It is a computer technology that replicates an environment that is real or imagined and that simulates a user's physical presence to allow for user & virtual reality interaction. VR creates a sensory experience, which can include sight, touch, hearing, and smell.

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VR Headsets for

Virtual Reality Experience with vr headset

Virtual Reality Games and VR Gaming

In the past few years more and more options have emerged when it comes to gaming at home, but nothing is more interesting and fun than Virtual Reality gaming with a PC. Being able to fully immerse yourself in the VR world does make the gaming experience a lot better, which is why trying out the best VR headsets for gaming is a very good idea.

The VR Experience
VR adds in a new experience for the gamers and that’s why they fell in love with it right away. The visuals are not as good when it comes to the VR only games, but the high standard games are managing to integrate VR quite nicely. The VR experience in games is very immersive and you really feel there. The best part about it is that you can play for as much as you want and stop if you see fit, without any restrictions. 

Virtual Reality Trends
The VR trends are changing at a rapid pace. Some use Virtual Reality games for workouts, others want to forget about their day to day issues while others want VR to explore stunning new worlds. Thankfully, more and more games are getting released and new VR units are on the way soon, so gamers will be able to enjoy these games faster and with better quality.
Some of the most popular VR games are the action based ones, but sports titles are also very popular despite the fact that there aren’t that many of them in the first place.

What gamers think about it ?
Gamers love the ability to interact with their games unlike never before. Even if they need controllers and a variety of other tools, being right in the middle of your favorite game world is nothing short of amazing. It really helps you feel like you are there, and that’s what makes this type of experience one of the best for gamers!

Which Virtual Reality headsets are the best for gaming ?
There are plenty of options that you can choose from right now, and they all come down to your budget and the desired gaming experience. Below is a list of the most popular VR headsets for PC and for Gaming. You will find more information abour the best VR headsets in the All products page or in the games section of our website.

  • HTC Vive is the ultimate solution for gaming but it’s also very expensive. At around $800, you have quite a lot to pay but with this device you get a fully immersive area that you can explore in any way you want. The integration of controllers does make the experience more appealing as well. Also, the immersion factor is spectacular, even if you have to pay a premium to acquire this device.
  • Oculus Rift might be one of first to appear on the market, but it’s also one of the best. It doesn’t have controllers yet, instead it features the Xbox One controller but it does deliver great immersion factors. Plus, it’s only $600 so it’s less expensive than the Vive. While the immersion factor is not as good, the experience as a whole is quite neat and well worth your time.
  • Sony PlayStation VR is a new unit set to release in October and it features an OLED screen with low persistence. It delivers 120fps gaming and it also delivers maybe one of the most interesting gaming opportunities for PlayStation users. At around $450 or more, it might be a worthwhile option if you have a PS4 or want to new the new PS Neo.
  • Gear VR is created by Samsung and it’s a pleasant experience for sure. It’s not hard to play with it but you do need a Samsung Galaxy smartphone for it. If you have the phone, this unit will cost $100, which is pretty good.

What type of VR games can you play ?
Believe it or not, despite this tech being quite old, you can find plenty of interesting virtual reality games on the market. Each one does have its unique approach, but what you will appreciate is the great attention to detail and the immersion factor. If you are unsure what VR games you should play, here’s a list with some of the best!

·    Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine
·    Arizona Sunshine
·    System Shock 3
·    Rigs: Mechanized Combat League
·    P.O.L.L.E.N
·    Star Citizen
·    Superhot VR
·    Robinson: The Journey
·    Technolust
·    Elite: Dangerous
·    Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
·    Euro Truck Simulator 2
·    Alien Isolation
·    Minecraft
·    Assetto Corsa
·    Dear Esther
·    Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VR
·    Dying Light
·    Subnautica
·    Grand Theft Auto V
·    Temple Run VR
·    Shooting Showdown 2
·    Lucky's Tale
·    Hover Junkers
·    Eve: Valkyrie
·    ADR1FT
·    The Climb

All of these are great additions to your Virtual Reality gaming experience! Some of these are set to be released soon but either way, mark your calendar because there’s a lot of fun to be had with these great games and more will become available for gamers in the next few months and years. Check them out as you will certainly like them. Contact us if you would like to send us a review and or any suggestion regarding a vr game or a vr headset for pc or smartphone. Visit our other pages to learn more about the other amazing experiences available in virtual reality and to learn more about this technology. You will find below on this page a list of the vr terminologies. 


Best VR headsets for PC and laptops

Virtual Reality Terminology

VR requires a lot of different features and technologies to function and to create a good Virtual Reality experience. VR is there to make you feel as being immersed and transported into a true virtual world. You will find below the most common terms to know and to help you chose a Virtual Reality Headset for PC or for your specific need. 

The Virtual Reality Dictionary:

  • VR Headset 

A headset for Virtual Reality is the foundation of modern virtual reality, generally consisting of a goggle-like device which includes a display and lenses to let you peer into the virtual reality world. Choosing a good VR headset is important if you're looking for the best and most immersive experience.

  • Field of View

A Field of View describes the extent of your natural vision that is filled by the Virtual Reality headset display. The higher the Field of View, the further the virtual world will extend to the edges of your vision.

  • IPD or PD

IPD stands for inter pupillary distance or PD for Pupillary distance. This measurement describes the distance between your eyes. Ideally, you'd like to match the distance between the lenses of a Virtual Reality headset to your own IPD. You can measure your IPD easily enough by asking a friend to hold up a ruler and measure the distance between the center of each pupil or by doing it yourself in front of a mirror. The most precise way to get your IPD is to as an eye doctor.

  • Resolution

The resolution of a Virtual Reality headset tells you how many pixels are present on the display. Because Virtual Reality headsets for PC wrap the image around you with such a wide Field of View, the pixels appear much larger than you're used to on a PC monitor. 

  • Tracking

Tracking is important because the computer rendering the view of the virtual world needs to know where you are looking and what you are doing in order to simulate the virtual experience to be accurate and convincing. You have the Rotational tracking (allows an object's movement to be tracked in all three possible rotational directions) and the Positional tracking (describes the ability to track an object's movement in all three possible directions -forward/back - up/down - left/right). 

  • Input

Input refers to the method of control that you are using for virtual reality and input ranges from familiar methods like the mouse and keyboard/game pad to more immersive natural input controllers which use Tracking to precisely translate your movements into the virtual world. 

  • Spatial Audio or 3D Audio.

Spatial Audio is like the surround sound for Virtual Reality and it helps create convincing virtual reality by allowing virtual sounds to sound like they originate from specific points in the virtual world and to provide the same cues to our ears so that we can identify their source. 

  • Frames Per Second (FPS)

There are many gamers who are familiar with the term FPS because it describes how many images of a virtual view are rendered per second. While most PC gamers would consider 60 FPS an acceptable figure for gaming, VR demands much higher FPS for maximum immersion. For achieve higher FPS, it requires a powerful PC or computer hardware.


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